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Nazanin on florist
nice shot

Khazan Zeh on florist

angel on Poisoned

angel on کبک باز...

angel on tabriz - bazar
foqoladas ~ foqoladeE>..

angel on ...

angel on veil....
yani ghoghaE~

angel on >

Manu on ashuora - khoram abad
You deserve at least 200 comments/ day for your photos! Very good job!

Manu on florist
yes, 5 stars! very good!

Lydia.Dd on florist
Wonderful picture !

Lydia.Dd on ashuora - khoram abad
Poor little one !!

Lydia.Dd on gray potery
Superb angle !

MARIANA on florist
beautiful portrait !

Thierry Masson on ashoora-tasoa - khoram abad

Thierry Masson on Time passes
time fades away, he deserve new teeth

Thierry Masson on gray potery

Thierry Masson on ashuora - khoram abad
so powerfull, as usual such a look on the human frail

g. on ...

g. on ...

acm on gray potery
This is stunning! The angle and the framing is wonderful!

barbod on Partridge
عجب شكار چي هستش

Shahin Bahremand on Partridge
خيلي رديفه

Reed on Partridge
Wonderfully shot, excellent post. Nice!

Chacha on TABRIZ - Old Carpet Market
Nice light!

Enzo on Partridge
Excellente image, j'aime beaucoup

farzaneh on TABRIZ - Old Carpet Market
نورااااااااااااااااااا عالیه

Reed on TABRIZ - Old Carpet Market
Nice light caught here!

morteza on girl
great..... kheili ali shodeE makhsosan in ke on 2khtare sharp oftade... vali khob kolan ziad rahat nist hamchin ...

morteza on TABRIZ - Old Carpet Market
woww... che axe fogholadeiie inn... ba 10 mm kheili khobee ax gereftan to in mohitt... aliiiiiiiiiiii

حسن صنوبری on Time passes
به به

حسن صنوبری on veil....
خیلی خوبه ها

حسن صنوبری on >
خیلی عالی

حسن صنوبری on ashura-khoram abad 1389
سلام بر حسین خیلی عکس خوبیهه آقا وحید

حسن صنوبری on ()
ای ولله. عالی

حسن صنوبری on girl
خوبه چقد هه پسره رو

حسن صنوبری on TABRIZ - Old Carpet Market
ای ولله بسیار عکس خوبیست

?????? on Poisoned
What do you want say with this picture I cannot understand ????????

Sonia Nansid on girl
Outstanding shot! Bravo!

Shahryar on girl
good workk :)

Reed on girl
Super pan shot, really well caught. Excellent composition and post processing. I like this one very much!

eversmile on girl
Superb! I like very much how the girl is sharp clear , while the walls and even the boy, are blurred. The feeling of ...

Hediyeh on girl
این عکس هنوزم حرکت داره

Thierry Masson on ashura-khoram abad 1389
waooh, very impressive I must say that it is quite impossible for a non persan speaking personn to write a comment on ...

Thierry Masson on ()
Meilleurs voeux pour l'année 2011

Reed on ()
Hello Vahid - very nice shot, this one, but your whole blog is compelling. I find your work somewhat dark, but yet ...

morgan on ()
This is an excellent photo. Your work is amazing.

barbod on ()
very nice

morteza on >
woww... kare kheili ghashango dos dashtani shodee... ideaie jalebiE

mohamad on Time passes
besyar ziba

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